About Us

We are a real company with real people.

There are many companies out there that claim to be able to buy your home. Many of them do not even have an office or a staff. We have been in the same commercial office building for over four years and have a full staff.

We also have amazing references from title companies, real estate professionals, and from customers and people just like you.

We really care about each and every customer. We listen and extend every courtesy possible. We are Texas Property Deals, LLC

We help Texas homeowners find the Financial Freedom they seek by giving people a quick sell solution when other options did not work.


Rapid Response

We are very fast! We pride in this and this is where we shine.

Win Win For All

We make deals that make sense to our customers.

Friendly Support

There are many ways that our company stands out. Customer service is one way.

We buy houses with integrity

We strive to be both helpful to our customers and profitable.  Our team will provide a much better and more honest approach to buying houses quick. Our cash for houses approach is an integrity first approach that will not waste your time. 

If the numbers don’t work for us and it does not make sense for us to buy your property we’ll let you know fast. Honesty is our policy.  

We keep it simple

We work at amazing speeds to asses your property’s market value. We then calculate in expenses such as necessary repairs and our profit.  Then we make you a simple cash offer for your house. If you like it Great! We move forward and close on the deal. If not then you are under no obligation

We treat everyone like family ​

Happy customers means a great reputation.  We will treat you like a family member.  We know that when times get tough a good friend will shine. Let us help you. Let’s work toward a win-win outcome for all. Questions? (915)493-2936
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