We Buy Houses in Texas
We Pay in Cash, no bank loans
We Keep Our Process Fast and Simple

You want to sell your Texas house fast? Great! We buy houses while keeping our process extremely simple. We evaluate, give you a cash offer to consider, in many cases we can offer instant payments, and as soon as a title company finishes docs viola, the deal is done and you are fully funded!

We have been in business for over 12 years now and have helped hundreds of sellers sell their Texas houses for a fair price. We keep our process simple, transparent, and straightforward. We inspect your house and quote a fair market value. If your house needs repairs, the property is damaged, or the house is problematic in some other way, we still move ahead with the deal and make you a cash offer.

We'll buy it today.

Same Day Guaranteed Fast Cash Offer. We buy houses in TX and in any condition. No Cost No Obligation. Zero Fees And No Repairs required To Sell Your House now.

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    We can even pay you in cash in as little as 10 days depending on the type of house you have for sale, how fast title policy clears, and some other factors that are specific to your house that we want to buy. The best part? You are not obligated to pay anything when you request us for a quote. Our evaluation is free. If we like the house, we will give you an instant offer. If you accept, we will give you cash payment within days. If you don’t accept the offer and we don’t have a counter-offer to give, we part ways. Easy, right? No hard feelings. Simple and plain business where we help you sell your Texas house for a fair price fast.

    No Agent Fees & Commissions

    You have complete control over the price of your real estate. No need to pay hefty agency fees and commission or wait for house listing to be approved.

    Accept or Decline Cash Offer

    We provide you a no-obligation cash quote for selling your house anywhere in Texas. If you don’t like the offer, you can continue evaluating your other options for the sale. Our process is transparent and straightforward.

    Sell House in Any Condition

    We buy houses in any condition. It doesn’t have to be pristine or newly renovated for the sale to close. You want a fast sale of your property in Texas and we want to help you with the sale.

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    Get Cash Offer in Minutes

    Yes, it is true that we can give you a cash offer within minutes after evaluating and inspecting your property. Our process to evaluate a house that we want to buy is very simple. - You request a call and talk to our experts - We visit your house location, evaluate, and offer you a no-obligation quote - You accept & we pay you in cash - Fast & Easy

    No Hidden Fees Or Agent Commissions

    Finding the right agent for selling your house in Texas is a nightmare. Not only do agents charge 6% commission of the total house value but they have longer wait times. Worst part? You cannot even change the agent when you have hired them to sell your house. There is a commission you have to pay even if you change the agent mid-sale and it is almost always Wobligatory.
    Similarly, if you don’t plan to sell the house through an agent, you have to list it on the market. On marketplaces, people look for the build quality. You will not get a good offer if you plan to sell your house without the necessary repairs and renovations. And even then there is no guarantee that the buyer will close the deal with you. You will invest your time, efforts, and money in meeting with tens of these potential buyers without the guarantee of a sale.
    With us, you can cut to the chase and skip all the open houses, several property visits, back and forth on the negotiations, but most importantly, you can be sure of our intent. With us you get a cash offer on your house. We intend to buy your house, and buy it fast. So you can be sure that we are not wasting your time.
    When dealing with us you don’t have to pay for any repairs, nor pay commission to agents or listing fees to marketplaces. We buy ‘as-is’.

    The Texas Property Deals, LLC office at 6070 Gateway E Suite 105j

    We Help Homeowners Sell Houses Quickly

    We believe that Business should benefit both parties.

    We are in this business of buying houses in Texas because we love to help people get out of a sticky financial situation. No matter what your house selling problem is, if you want to get out of it, we can help you. We do it by buying your house at the best price offered - almost equal to market value.

    Even if you are stuck in a mortgage issue, tax lien, or simply want to sell your inherited property to liquidate your assets, we are the best and the most reliable house buying company in Texas and we pay in cash.

    If your house was damaged due to flood or storm or any other natural calamity and insurance is denying payments, we can buy your property for the market rates and free you off the burden of managing its repair costs.

    We buy houses from our main office. But we also have other satellite offices throughout TX

    6070 Gateway E. Suite 105j
    El Paso TX, 79905

    We Buy Houses All Over Texas

    Our house evaluation experts are just a call away. No matter where you live in Texas - Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Arlington, or anywhere else, we can buy your house for cash.

    We can give you a cash Offer in 6 Minutes

    Call us or send us a text message. Or fill out our contact form. If you are looking for a company to buy your house today just reach out to us. We buy houses and we do it fast! Our expert agents will contact you to discuss your house offer. We search public records about your home and ask you about important factors that impact price. If we like your house, we will give you a cash offer based on your answers in about 20 minutes. One time we bought a house (went under contract) in just six minutes! That’s our record quote rate! Fast, isn't it?

    Flexible on Price?
    That means a Guaranteed Sale Today!

    You must be wondering why we buy houses in Texas so fast, and why do we pay in cash? Well, we are property investors. We like to make profit in our business and we love to help sellers just as yourself. We are trusted by hundreds of sellers all across Texas.

    If selling your house is becoming a hassle for you and you want to get a good offer for it, then we are interested in buying your house, and that too in cash. We will renovate it and then resell it in the market to profit from it.

    So if you are flexible on price we can agree on fair cash offer. One that reflects current condition minus repairs, minus cost of renovating, and minus our profit and closing costs.

    So there are many reasons why we buy houses in Texas so quick. We also have investors on board who are interested in investing in Texas’ real estate. And these investors have the means to buy your house in Texas quickly.

    We Buy All Types of Houses

    Whether you own a two-bed apartment, a condominium, a row house, a townhouse, or a single family house, if you want to sell it fast, we can buy it from you.

    We buy all types of houses in Texas and we pay the best offer there is. We have the best real estate specialists available to guide you and to help you make better decisions for your property. If your house is asking for a lot of renovation work and you are tight on budget, our property consultants can help. We buy houses in Texas as investment properties because they help us make profits.

    Why Choose Us to Quickly Sell Your House?

      Our process is transparent, straightforward, convenient, and most importantly fast.

      We offer free of cost no obligation consultations. You avoid listing fees and agent commissions.

      We buy your property as-is, without repairs, and without asking you for renovations.

      We pay in cash! You don’t have to wait for our cheques to clear, as our payments are directly in cash from the title company

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