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Sell My House Fast!

How can I sell my house fast? Call (915)493-2936 and we can buy it in as little as 16 days.

We are dedicated to making the sale of your house the fastest and easiest real estate transaction you have ever done!

Call to say I want to sell my house fast please.

Let us know how much you want to sell your house for. If it's something we can do then we do it. Otherwise we quickly get to work and give you a cash offer that we can commit to.

Accept Our Offer or Decline it.

If you don't like of offer no hard feelings. There is no obligation on your part. If you do, we sign a contract and we let a title company do all the paperwork as fast as possible.

Get your money ASAP

Get paid at closing. We want to close every real estate transaction as fast as you do. We usually close in 10 days. We go out of our way to solve any title issues. We want you to be positively impressed on how we do business.

I'd love to sell my house fast!

So you are looking someone to sell your house as fast as possible, and we just love to buy houses at a good price in exchange for an on demand, fast no hassle, no time consuming banks approach. We are made for each other - so lets do business.

You are going to use a company that buys houses for profit.

We buy as is, how is, where is. With little to no inspections. How can I do it? Pricing is definitely key in speed when selling you home. Thus pricing your house well below the homes honest market price is the most effective way to sell your property quickly. For most home owners the most accurate way to get the actual value is to do a real estate appraisal. But those can be expensive. Ranging from $250-700 depending on your market, home size, and other home-specific variables. Another more affordable but maybe not as accurate is to figure out market price by looking for similar houses (homes in the similar condition) in the neighborhood that were sold the most recently.

How much can we pay for Houses?

We look at all the actual most recent home sales. We look at your property and look at photos of all the other home's photos. In the majority of cases we can give you a better and more accurate estimate range of how much your house is worth than zillow. Once we figure out how much your house is worth we make you an offer that reflects needed repairs and our profit. So the amount that we can pay varies from house to house depending on condition, location, and other factors. The best part is that we are very experienced in buying houses. This means that we give you the offer in as little as 6 minutes. That's fast!

I want to sell my house as fast as today! Is there any catch?

Great! We'd love to buy your house, and we can! Call for your easy cash offer. If it's too low keep in mind that we are not the right fit for everyone. We are a company that buys houses for profit. But if selling your house is urgent to you we may be able to help. We know we can buy your house. We just have to find a price that allows us to make a profit and a price that you are willing to sell your house for. If we come to an agreement, we'll buy your house.

How to sell my house fast...

Texas Property Deals, LLC will not only make you a cash offer but we will also explain each and every step how you can sell your home to us, quickly. We handle all the paperwork and help you at every step. There's two stages to selling your property to our real estate solutions company.

  • You contact our companyWhen we first talk we will gather information about your home. We run some numbers and make you a cash offer. If you like the cash offer we give you then we fill out a contract. If you don't you are not under any commitment to sell the property to us. All this can take as little as thirty minutes.
  • We buy your homeAfter we sign a contract agreement all documentation goes to a title company. They prepare all documentation as required by law and request anything that is missing regarding the property's legal title. Once title is clear we call you and we can close on a date that works for you. Upon funding and closing we get the house and you get the money for your property. Now that's fast!

Let us Beat Any Competition

You’d love to sell your house fast and we love to make cash offers free of charge. If you already have an offer from another company that buys houses call us and get an amazingly quick response from us. If we beat the other investor’s offer come with us and get more money. 

It would be unfeasible and/or unprofitable to beat every single offer, and those that promise that are not being honest. So in case we cannot beat the offer you are under to obligation to take ours. Additionally, we promise not to waste your time. We will get right to the point and give you the information you need so that you make the decision as to who’s the better choice for you.

Other important information about selling my house fast

  • You are selling us equityWe do buy houses fast, but we do this because we are buying it below market value, minus repairs and our profit. It's fast and easy to find out how much we can pay for your property. Call us to get stated.
  • Legal title issues can affect speedWe are always ready to buy any property when the price is right. We are fast and can close in as little as five days, but the property's title must be clean and marketable. Some homes have issues with the title, such as but not limited to probate issues, survey issues, unknown liens or encumbrances that will need to be fixed before we buy. We want to buy the property as much as you want to sell it, so we will take leadership in helping you take care of anything that may come up as fast as we can.
  • How Cash for houses worksOnce we close the title company will distribute the proceeds of the sale. The title company will issue a check or send the money to the recipients bank account via a wire. Cash for houses refers to the fact that no big name banks will be required to approve the transaction, making it fast and easy to close. The money may come from our bank account or from a private investor, either way the money will be in escrow before closing and funding.

So, I want to sell my house fast. How can I expedite the cash offer for my real estate?

The fastest way to find out how much we are willing to pay for your house is for you to call (915)493-2936 and we can get you a cash offer in as little as a few hours. Or you can fill out our Home Cash Offer Request form and we will contact you in under 24 hrs. Wouldn't you love to sell us your house right now?

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