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wholesalers el paso

We buy wholesale deals in El Paso, TX

Hi savvy investor! Are you selling wholesale and looking to get your wholesale deal in front of a real estate investor that will buy and close with no bs? Then give us a call! (915)493-2936 If you’re selling wholesale homes, land lots, or even commercial property rest assured that we can buy it an...
inherited house for cash

How to Sell inherited house in El Paso

Sometimes the things that get passed down to us are homes and sometimes we do not need the property. Here is what you need to know about selling an inherited home. Selling an inherited house to Texas Property Deals, LLC is easy! Have you inherited a property that you don’t want or need? You&#8...
Business that buys real estate, homes, duplexes, etc

Who Buy Houses in El Paso? David and Danny

David and Danny partnered up in 2015 and started buying real estate. They really wanted to help distressed homeowners while making it a win-win situation.  When we buy a house we compete with other companies and individual investors that want to buy that property. When we purchase at lot, a hou...
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